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Quote1.png If you knew what Hitler would eventually do, would you have killed him as a child? Quote2.png

Appearing in "Guardian Devil Part Two: The Unexamined Life"

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Synopsis for "Guardian Devil Part Two: The Unexamined Life"

Matt invites Natasha over so he has someone to talk to about his current predicament. She tries to flirt with him, but he instead asks her to babysit the alleged infant messiah while he works.

While at his office, he looks over recent birth records to discover the identity of the baby's father, but he instead discovers the recent carnage at Saint Anthony's maternity ward. He's interrupted by an appointment with Nicholas Macabes, whom Matt does not remember scheduling an appointment with. Macabes knows of the recent events regarding the baby, and suggests that it is not the messiah, as was believed, but the antichrist. He asks for Matt to turn the baby over so that he can dispose of it. He further warns Matt that so long as the baby is in his life, it will bring him continuing troubles to those he cares about.

Matt takes a walk to think on this new information. He disregards the idea that Kingpin is behind this, considering it to be too easy of a solution. A mugger tries to assault him, but Matt dispatches him quickly. But when the mugger insults Matt's mother, Matt decides to let loose and nearly kills the man.

Gwyneth attempts to evade the men that are chasing her. But she has become too predictable and a man addressed as Mister Gabriel catches her, carries her to a car, and takes her away.

Daredevil broods on the rooftops as Natasha returns to him with the baby. Daredevil takes the baby from her and asks what she would do if she could kill baby Hitler. He hurls the child from the rooftop. Natasha leaps after it and Daredevil pulls the two of them back up. When he explains his reasoning, she laughs in his face and deems him too dangerous to be around a baby for the time being.

Foggy walks Lydia to her home where she invites him in. She acknowledges that he is involved with Liz Osborn, but takes him into her room anyway.

Karen returns after six months to tell Matt that she has been diagnosed with AIDS.


Variant cover by J. Scott Campbell

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