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Quote1.png Obviously, anyone can put on a Daredevil costume and pretend to be Daredevil. But the question we must all address is... how can we be sure that he's the real Daredevil? Quote2.png
Matt Murdock

Appearing in "Playing to the Camera part six: Who Is That Masked Man?"

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Synopsis for "Playing to the Camera part six: Who Is That Masked Man?"

Samuel Griggs sues Daredevil for damage of property, and has hired Matt Murdock as his lawyer. When "Daredevil" is questioned in court, another Daredevil shows up. He unmasks himself, and reveals to be Terrence Hillman. Hillman claims it was he who damaged Samuel Griggs' property, and the lawsuit against Daredevil is declared a mistrial. Afterwards, it turns out Peter Parker was dressed up as Daredevil to help Matt Murdock out in court. Daredevil confronts Terrence Hillman, to find out his reasons for claiming he damaged Griggs' greenhouse.

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