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Quote1.png Feel like God's punishing me, Matt. For cheating on Liz. Quote2.png
Foggy Nelson

Appearing in "Guardian Devil Part Three: Dystopia"

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Synopsis for "Guardian Devil Part Three: Dystopia"

Matt meets with Foggy, who has been arrested. Foggy recounts what happened the previous night. According to him, Lydia had taken him up to her bedroom where she had turned into a monster, attacked him, and then leapt from the window and died. Foggy was being accused of her murder. Foggy's greatest worry, however, was the fact that he had cheated on his girlfriend, Liz.

The media appears at the offices of Sharpe, Nelson and Murdock. Matt asks a paralegal to assist him in freeing Foggy, but Rosalind overrules him. Meanwhile, at Matt's apartment, Macabes arrives to talk to Karen. At the office, Matt and Rosalind engage in a shouting match over her decision to fire Foggy despite his being her own son. The argument culminates in Matt quitting his job. Matt goes out onto the rooftops as Daredevil, unaware that he's being watched. As he goes to stop a crime, he's shot with a tranquilizer gun and subdued.

In Matt's apartment, Macabes repeats to Karen what he had told to Matt. He tells her that the alleged antichrist's influence, combined with her reckless lifestyle, has caused her HIV infection. He implies that she may have exposed Matt to the virus as well.

Daredevil awakens in an empty room from which he can hear nothing. When he tries to escape, a terrible deafening scream subdues him. Mister Gabriel enters the room, introduces himself as Baal, and informs him that he is hearing the cries of fallen angels. As Baal lectures Daredevil regarding the baby, Daredevil pinpoints the speaker producing the scream and strikes it with his billy club. He strikes down Baal and the other guards, escapes the room, and leaps out of a window to the street below. He lands in front of a truck.


  • Writer Kevin Smith's movie Dogma is seen showing at a local theatre on page 4.
  • This issue features a letters page, Devil's Advocate. Letters are published from Steve Romans,, Budjette Tan, Mark Zak, Lexie Arnold, Gareb Shamus, and Jim Lee.

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