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Quote1.png Son or not, I won't tolerate any blasphemy from you, Matthew! Quote2.png
Sister Maggie Murdock

Appearing in "Guardian Devil Part Four: The Devil's Distaff"

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Synopsis for "Guardian Devil Part Four: The Devil's Distaff"

Natasha has swung by just in time to push Matt away from a truck's path. The two of them talk about the recent turns of Matt's life. When she scolds him for directing his anger toward the baby, he begins to suspect her of being in league with those he's working against. He attacks her in a psychotic rage and takes the baby. He leaps off of the building but botches his descent and injures his shoulder. Vaguely aware that something is wrong with his thought process, he lands at the door of the Clinton Mission Shelter. Sister Maggie, his mother, answers the door, and he pleads for her help.

Two days later, the unknown man who has been orchestrating these events notes his frustration to Mister Gabriel. He is upset that he can not find Daredevil or the baby. He decides to put "the assassin" into play.

Matt wakes up to find Maggie holding the baby. The subject turns to Matt's father, and he grows angry, shouting at his mother for leaving them. She strikes him, and he apologizes. Matt spends the next several hours catching her up on the recent developments in his life. He acknowledges that he has begun to question his faith. She tells him the parable of the Knight and the the Monk, which relays to him Pascal's Wager. Afterward, she informs him that Karen has arrived at the shelter. Karen asks to take the baby for a while, but Matt realizes that he had never told her about the baby. She tells him that she learned about it from Macabes. The two get in an argument that ends with Karen leaving the room terribly upset.

Daredevil's mysterious adversary negotiates with the assassin. The adversary leans forward from the shadows, revealing himself to be Macabes. Bullseye, the assassin, agrees to his terms.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Devil's Advocate. Letters are published from Dustin Stewart, Matt Crothers, Harve Jones, Christie Young, and Shannon David Smith.


  • On the last page of this issue, Bullseye is seen reading Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. Two of the reviews seen on the back cover are written by Jay and Bob, a reference to writer Kevin Smith's characters Jay and Silent Bob. Jay's review reads "Too many words, man." while Bob's reads "............"

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