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Quote1.png Why, Stephen -- has someone tricked your friend into believing the infant savior's been left in his care? Can your friend really have been so... blind? Quote2.png

Appearing in "Guardian Devil Part Five: Devil's Despair"

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Synopsis for "Guardian Devil Part Five: Devil's Despair"

Daredevil visits Doctor Strange to get some information on the alleged Messiah. While there, he learns the cross that Macabes gave him is loaded with a drug Doctor Strange identifies as being devoid of smell and taste. This drug causes Daredevil to become violent whenever someone questions the child's innocence, explaining his previous outbursts regarding the subject. This revelation, however, activates the drug again and causes Daredevil to become violent toward Doctor Strange. Strange casts a spell that frees Daredevil from its influence.

Karen walks through a park reflecting on her life. She considers the role that she has played in the lives of others, particularly Matt. She doesn't notice the newspaper she walks by, revealing that actor John Curtain had been found murdered. The associated picture of Curtain looks identical to Macabes.

Doctor Strange begins the process to open a gate to Hell under the strict condition that Daredevil do nothing to address the demon that emerges in any way, as this could release it. Strange does not specify which demon he is summoning, but when it appears, Daredevil recognizes it at once as Mephisto. The demon can not see into the room, but Mephisto quickly deduces that Matthew Murdock is there with Strange. Strange closes the portal, but Mephisto gives Daredevil one final warning that his mother may be in danger.

Daredevil returns to the Clinton Mission Shelter to find a massacre has taken place. Bullseye reveals himself, and the two fight. Bullseye notes that Daredevil has a slight advantage, so he shoots Daredevil in the shoulder to level the playing field. Bullseye wins the fight, but Karen brings the baby to him and offers to trade her for Daredevil's life. Bullseye accepts, but discovers that the baby is a fake, finds the real baby, and takes her. As he leaves, Bullseye hurls Daredevil's club back to him. Karen jumps in the way and the club impales her. Karen dies in Matt's arms.

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