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Synopsis for "The King of Hell's Kitchen" (Part 2)

Ben tells Milla of the fight Matt had the night before with over a hundred Yakuza mobsters; Milla informs Ben that she and Matt are married and she is desperately trying to find her injured husband.

Solicit Synopsis

"The King of Hell's Kitchen," pt. 2.

Now entrenched as the Kingpin of Hell's Kitchen, DD faces new dangers from foes who want his new-found power for themselves. Even a Man Without Fear can't defeat an army of 100 men trying to kill him, can he?


The horizontal ideograms in the cover stand for "Yakuza" written in both the Katakana and Hiragana alphabets, while the vertical ones are the Katakana transliteration of "Daredevil" (De-A-De-Bi-Ru).

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