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Go home. You're not in the man's league. He'll beat you within an inch of your bubble-headed life.
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My dear Wilson -- I've no interest in an Olympic contest of strength and endurance with the man. I seek to drive him mad.
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Appearing in "Guardian Devil Part Seven: The Devil's Demon"

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Synopsis for "Guardian Devil Part Seven: The Devil's Demon"

Daredevil is forced to listen to Mysterio's plans while recounting the events of the last six issues. In his story, Mysterio reveals that he is terminally ill and that he faked Karen's AID's diagnosis, and set Foggy up to be framed for Lydia's murder, to which she was actually a porn star he hired. After the long soliloquy, Daredevil defeats Mysterio and saves the kidnapped Baby Karen. As a final act Mysterio committed suicide.


  • Most of this issue is told by Mysterio as a Flashback.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Devil's Advocate. Letters are published from Patrick Wedge, Mike Carey, Ryan Clark, Mike Ginicola, and "Paul D. Seiman". The letters page also announces the recent nuptials of writer Kevin Smith.

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