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Appearing in "Decalogue Part 3"

Featured Characters:

  • The Devil Among Us church group
    • Jennifer Norton (Main story and flashback) (Full name revealed)
    • Reverend Bob Cumeo
    • Lawrence (Unnamed)
    • Archie Myers
    • Doris (Main story and flashback) (Name revealed)
    • Lynn (Unnamed)
    • Daredevil (Matt Murdock) (Main story and flashback) (In disguise)
    • Unnamed members



Synopsis for "Decalogue Part 3"

The DD support group continues and the wife of a super-powered serial killer tells how DD tracked down her husband but refused to let him fall to his death; The killer's last intended victim whom DD saved turns out to be a member of the group and doesn't take kindly to the story of a troubled man plagued by demons.

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