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Quote1 HAHAHAHAHAHA. It's been said many times and many ways but... Payback is a bitch. Quote2

Appearing in "The Murdock Papers Part 6"

Featured Characters:

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Synopsis for "The Murdock Papers Part 6"

In court facing federal charges, Matt imagines what it would be like to bust out of the courtroom and try to find a new life in a far away place with the woman he loves. Doing the noble thing, however, he remains to face the music only to be consigned to Ryker's Island awaiting trial. Kingpin is double crossed by the feds and also sent to Rykers. DD, Kingpin and lots of other baddies are in jail, together.


  • Earth-6381 show an alternate timeline what happen if Matt Murdock didn't testify during the trial and instead escape from the court room to flee with his loved ones.

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