Appearing in "Part 3 of 6 "The Devil in Cell Block D"

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Synopsis for "Part 3 of 6 "The Devil in Cell Block D"

Bullseye is put into prison. The guards threaten to kill him if he tries anything. Apparantly, he killed guards in his last escape. He is to be strapped down and fed through a straw at all times. Also, if he tries anything, they will pump knockout gas into his cell and then shoot him to death once he's out. Matt Murdoch has to fight off other inmates a lot. Matt confronts Hammerhead and tries to find out who ordered Foggy's death. Matt kicks Hammerhead's butt. Kingpin returns to general population. Punisher gets himself arrested so he can enter prison as well.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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