Appearing in "Part 4 of 6 "The Devil in Cell Block D"

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Synopsis for "Part 4 of 6 "The Devil in Cell Block D"

A man, matching the description of the man who killed Foggy, is found hung in his cell. The inmates believe it was no suicide. Punisher arrives as an inmate and tries to talk to Matt. They are having their classic talk about when lethal force is OK. However, someone taunts the Punisher and Punisher beats him down, including a broken arm. While Punisher is beating the prisoner, Matt asks him to stop. However, Matt covers for Punisher when a guard comes around asking questions. Matt and Kingpin have a tense confrontation in the prison yard over the causes of Foggy's death. Nothing is accomplished in their talk. A prison war is brewing. A prison gang decides to try to kill both Matt Murdock and Kingpin in the process.

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