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Appearing in "Part 5 of 6 "The Devil in Cell Block D"

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Synopsis for "Part 5 of 6 "The Devil in Cell Block D"

In this issue Matt Murdock gets a visit from his wife Milla Donovan and Becky Blake on Ryker's Island awaiting his trial. Becky tells Matt that she and Dakota North are following a lead to someone that knows the identity of the person donning the mask of his alter-ego Daredevil and taken over his duties in Hells Kitchen. As they are talking Matt listens to the conversations around the prison of the full-scale riot about to start. As the guard is sending Matt back to his cell he waits and listen until Milla and Becky are off the island and onto the ferry, then makes his move knocking out the guard. He runs to save the warden from being killed prisoners with weapons from the guards and tells the warden that the prison riot is to get Kingpin (Wilson Fisk) and himself. Kingpin sends one of his lackeys to get a group together and free Bullseye. He says to bring a deck of cards with them. In Bullseyes cell, he is chained up. Daredevil fights of many, many rioters. The Kingpin fights off many too. They join up with Matt fighting alongside Kingpin. They are heavily outnumbered but stand their ground. Bullseye shows up. He has killed many with his cards and says he's running out. One of his victims was Black Tarantula. When Bullseye says he's running out of cards, he is given shotguns. Matt, Kingpin and Bullseye are now fighting off the rioters together. When many are either shot or running, the action pauses for a second and they talk about their escape plans. Kingpin says to Matt that Bullseye is joining them. Matt refuses to go along with that plan and then he attacks Bullseye. Bullseye shoots at Matt but Matt got out of the way. The shot hits Kingpin in the leg. Matt disarms Bullseye and uses the shotgun to knock Bullseye out. He leaves them both. He sends one of Kingpins men to go take care of Kingpin's leg so he wont bleed to death. Matt takes the shotgun to Punishers cell and they decide to break out together.

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