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Appearing in "The Devil in Cell Block D Finale"

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Synopsis for "The Devil in Cell Block D Finale"

The prison guards go over the riot footage. Punisher helps Matt break out of prison.They had Matt pretend to be a helpless blind man. They also made it look as though Punisher had taken him hostage to protect Matts secret identity. Punisher and Matt escape in a chopper. There are 2 Daredevils now. The real Daredevil hunts down the person who has been impersonating him while he was inside. As they fight, the imposter is revealed to be Iron Fist who was helping Daredevil keep his secret identity hidden. With help from Iron Fist, Dakota and Urich, Matt decides to leave the country for Monaco to find the man responsible for having Foggy killed. But Foggy is alive and well and hiding under the witness protection program. The warden believes Matt was truly a helpless victim of Punishers and goes public with this on TV.

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