Quote1.png Before, I took something from him and found his strength. Now I will give something to him and prove his weakness. Quote2.png
-- Kingpin

Appearing in "Murdock's Law"

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Synopsis for "Murdock's Law"

While their new law firm is still under construction, Nelson and Murdock's first customer is a stoolie for the Kingpin, who has already sent out a hitman to silence the man.

Solicit Synopsis

  • As MATT MURDOCK attempts to rebuild his life from the ashes of the "Guardian Devil" story arc, old friends and foes arrive! And when a former employee of WILSON FISK contacts Matt, claiming to know the secret of the fat man's criminal empire, a new twist is added to the classic battle between DAREDEVIL and his nemesis, KINGPIN!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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