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Quote1 I'm Mr. Murdock's attorney. Quote2
Becky Blake

Appearing in "The Devil Takes A Ride conclusion"

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Synopsis for "The Devil Takes A Ride conclusion"

Matt finds out Foggy is still alive, and also helps release the Kingpin from prison in order to honor Vanessa's memory, though he has the Kingpin agree to have his U.S. Citizenship revoked and that Fisk will have to leave the country. Foggy agrees with Matt's idea to move their law firm to a new location as well changing their business method of accepting clients from referrals only to avoid drawing attention from DD's enemies. It is also decided that Becky Blake will join their firm as a law partner. Matt also moves him and Milla to a new apartment as well since too many of his enemies already knew the address of his previous apartment.


  • Nelson and Murdock becomes "Nelson, Blake, and Murdock" this issue.
  • Also in this issue, Matt Murdock and Milla move into a new brownstone apartment in Hell's Kitchen.

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