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Quote1 "Man without fear", they call me. Only because I'm blind. If I could see half the stuff I get myself into. I'd be scared brown. Quote2

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Synopsis for 1st story

As he falls into the Mole Man’s pit, Daredevil feels a rancid wind at his back and realizes it’s the breath of a giant creature. He launches the grapple of his billy club, but not quickly enough to avoid landing in the thing’s toothy mouth. The jaws shut around him as the creature’s darts viciously. Daredevil wraps the slack of his grapple line around the tongue and pulls with all his strength. The line severs the tip of the tongue, causing the monster to open wide and roar in pain. Daredevil grapples up the side of the pit to relative safety.

Daredevil stands among the stolen coffins and listens intently for Mole Man’s location. He hears Mole Man talking to the corpse he was searching for - a woman named Lorna who Mole Man worked with and had a crush on when he was still living as Dr. Harvey Elder. As Daredevil races towards Mole Man’s subterranean palace, he hears Mole Man recount that Lorna’s death weeks ago prompted the desecration of the cemetery as a self-proclaimed grand, romantic gesture.

Daredevil reaches Mole Man’s chambers. He dispatches with the Moloid guards and he and Mole Man begin to fight. Daredevil underestimates Mole Man’s agility and has trouble getting the best of the smaller man. As billy club and staff “klak” against each other, Daredevil asks if Mole Man made a deal with someone capable of bringing Lorna back to life. Mole Man tells him matter-of-factly that he’s done no such thing - Lorna is dead, and all he wanted was to be with her. This briefly catches Daredevil off guard, allowing Mole Man to knock him through a window with his staff.

Daredevil falls onto a bright, white, glimmering surface and Mole Man leaps after him into what Mole Man calls the “diamonds of the valley”. Daredevil shouts that one of the corpses the Moloids stole is his father’s. Mole Man is unmoved, telling Daredevil that the pile of bones he stole is not his father. Hearing this, Daredevil realizes that Mole Man’s grave-robbing destroyed most of the remains, and that he’ll need something else to return to the loved ones of the deceased.

Daredevil knocks Mole Man out, then gathers handfuls of diamonds to bring back to the surface. He gently picks up Lorna’s body, the only one of the dozens that haven’t been scavenged by the Moloids. Mole Man shouts after him that he gains nothing by taking her. As he leaves, Daredevil tells Mole Man that “sometimes both sides lose” when justice is served.

Back in his apartment, Matt goes to deposit the diamonds in the “invisible” safe where he keeps the Omegadrive. Inside, he finds the drive and a letter from Black Cat. In it, Felicia confesses that Black Spectre hired her to steal the Omegadrive from Matt and warns him that the group is keeping a close eye on him.

Sometime later, Matt and Foggy Nelson observe the ceremony to unveil the restored headstones, which are now each adorned with a shining diamond donated by Nelson & Murdock, Attorneys at Law. Foggy tells Matt he did good, but Matt is distracted by a Black Spectre agent standing at the gates of the cemetery, watching them. Matt charges the fence, but the agent disappears. As he catches up to Matt, a look of concern comes over Foggy’s face as Matt assures his partner someone was watching them.

Solicit Synopsis

• Daredevil Vs. Mole Man! • The Cracks In Matt Murdock’s Façade Begin To Show!

• It’s Not Too Late To Start Reading The Book Everyone Is Talking About!

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