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Quote1.png Oh, no! Six armed mercs wearing night vision goggles! Whatever will I do? Quote2.png
Matt Murdock

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Synopsis for "High Wire Act"

Mr. Randall, a supervisor at Midas Investments, meets in a dark office with a man named Mr. Zachary. Randall assures Zachary that the Latverian representatives who were loose-lipped at the Midas offices have been dealt with, permanently. Zachary tells Randall that Austin Cao is a loose end that needs tying up as well, despite Randall’s attempt to distance Austin from the situation by firing him. Zachary’s associate informs his boss that Cao has started talking to a lawyer. When Zachary learns the lawyer is Matt Murdock - the man who might also be Daredevil - he orders six men be sent to kill them both.

An hour later, Matt is with Austin in Austin’s apartment when he hears the familiar sounds of trouble - an assault rifle being cocked, and a voice saying “on my mark”. Matt pulls Austin to the floor just as automatic weapon fire rains into the apartment. Matt tells Austin to stay down and takes cover behind the kitchen doorway. His heightened hearing distinguishes six sets of footsteps running up the building stairs, plus the electronic hum of night-vision goggles. When the mercenaries burst through the front door, Matt flicks on the light switch, blinding them all. He then dispatches them with lightning-fast strikes before leading Austin down to the street. Matt hails a cab that takes them to Matt’s apartment building.

The mercenaries regain consciousness to find their targets gone. The leader reports back in to Mr. Zachary, who expresses disappointment and presses a button on a fob. This sends a signal to the wristband of one of the other mercs, who responds by shooting the leader in the back of the head. Zachary moves to plan B, putting a call in to Bruiser, a super-strong mercenary they have under contract. Bruiser is finishing a beatdown of the Enforcer, Ox, whose name he proceeds to cross off a list on his phone. Bruiser accepts the job, telling Zachary that Daredevil is on his list as well.

In Matt’s apartment, Matt tells Austin he must have overheard something the Latverians said without realizing it. In an effort to trigger a sense memory, Matt does his best to replicate the environment that surrounded Austin at the Midas offices, bringing out the same tea, dress shoes, and rearranging his own desk to mirror the layout Austin describes. With some focus, Austin is able to recall that the Latverians were discussing a deal between their government, Midas, and Hydra. Matt dons his Daredevil costume and tells Austin to give him Mr. Randall’s full name and address, because he is taking Austin’s case.

Foggy Nelson is getting dressed and searching for something as he argues with Assistant D.A. Kirsten McDuffie in her Upper West Side apartment. Foggy insists repeatedly that Matt Murdock is not Daredevil, nor is he faking being blind. Kirsten’s roommate - and Foggy’s girlfriend - Dina emerges from her room with his shoe in hand just as Foggy suggests the only way he can think of to convince Kirsten: she should go on a date with Matt. Intrigued, Kirsten asks for Matt’s number.

Mr. Randall is on the phone with his wife as he rushes onto his boat and prepares to leave the pier. Daredevil is waiting for him on board. He tells Randall he’ll protect him like Randall tried to do for Austin.

Later, the boat idles out in the water as Randall tells Daredevil what Midas Investments is up to. He reveals that Midas brokered a deal between the heavy-hitting megacrime organizations - Hydra, A.I.M., Black Spectre, Zodiac, and others - to all incorporate their shell companies through Latveria, making those companies’ operations virtually untraceable. While Daredevil tells Randall he’s going to help stop the deal, a speedboat quickly approaches their larger craft.

As it closes in, Bruiser leaps from the speedboat and slams down onto the deck of Randall’s yacht. The force of the landing knocks Daredevil off his feet. The hulking mercenary - wearing a suit branded with the names of multiple megacrime groups - closes in on the Man Without Fear and puts him in a chokehold. Daredevil slams Bruiser on the temples and breaks free, but before he can get his bearings, Bruiser lands a massive kick to the ribs that knocks Daredevil overboard. As the boat moves away, Bruiser crosses Daredevil’s name off his list.

Solicit Synopsis

THE DEATH DEFYING DEBUT OF MARCOS MARTIN! One honest man -- just one -- exists in the vast criminal corporation known as Roxxon Oil, and Daredevil has to find him before a nightmarish disaster claims the entire Eastern Seaboard! Can DD get to him in time--or will this issue's surprise villain get to him first?

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