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Quote1.png Knowledge is power, Austin. Yeah, they'll stop at nothing to take it away from me. But until they do...that makes me the most dangerous man alive. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Daredevil vs Bruiser"

Daredevil floats underwater after his beating at the hands of mercenary Bruiser. He is jolted awake by the sound of a speedboat racing away carrying Bruiser and his unconscious hostage, Mr. Randall. Daredevil launches the grapple of his billy club, which catches onto the chassis of the boat. Daredevil is dragged behind the craft until it docks in a hangar at a mysterious building. Bruiser carries Randall into the compound and, after taking out the speedboat’s crew, Daredevil follows.

Randall awakens in a chair in the center of a room, surrounded by enemies: Bruiser, Mr. Zachary, and Zachary’s clients - representatives of the five megacrime organizations working to incorporate in Latveria: A.I.M., Hydra, Agence Byzantine, Black Spectre, and the Secret Empire. Zachary tells Randall these men are there to witness the extermination of the remaining loose ends putting their union in jeopardy, now that Daredevil has been dealt with: Randall and Austin Cao. A henchman throws Austin into the room at Bruiser’s feet. Randall pleads with Zachary to let Austin go, but Zachary orders Bruiser to kill Austin.

As Bruiser reaches for the young man, Daredevil flies in with a kick to Bruiser’s face. Bruiser recovers quickly and slams into Daredevil before lifting DD over his head and tossing him across the room. Daredevil is dumbfounded that he can’t knock Bruiser off his feet or gain any kind of leverage over the bigger man. When he evades a punch that cracks the metal wall, Daredevil realizes what he’s dealing with: Bruiser can shift his center of gravity to different parts of his body, making his punches land like “a wrecking ball” one second, then shifting it to his knees and becoming immovable the next.

As the superhumans fight, Zachary orders his scientists to unlock something called the “Omegadrive” and abandon the facility.

Daredevil is pinned to the floor with Bruiser’s hands around his throat, but he thinks he’s discovered the key to defeating the big man. He listens hard and hears Bruiser’s bones crack against the stress of Bruiser’s power. Daredevil uses his radar sense to find the exact weakest point in Bruiser’s knee, then unleashes a strike that completely shatters the bone. Bruiser screams in agony and falls.

Daredevil, Randall, and Austin escape the room just as the doors slam behind them and the terrorists open fire. They run down the hallway and come upon Mr. Zachary holding the Omegadrive. Daredevil whips his billy club at Zachary, hitting the man in the elbow and knocking the drive out of his hands. As Daredevil picks up the drive, Randall tells him what he’s holding: billions of gigabytes of confidential data provided by the five terrorist organizations stored on an indestructible, unhackable drive created using the unstable molecules that make up the discarded circular logo of a Fantastic Four uniform.

The five terrorist representatives breach the door and approach with their weapons drawn. Zachary tells them whoever kills Daredevil can have the Omegadrive. Without hesitation, the agents from Black Spectre and Agence Byzantine execute Zachary. Daredevil senses the Hydra agent raising his weapon to the back of the A.I.M. scientist’s head, and realizes what he has to do to escape the situation. He leaps towards the group, landing directly in the middle of them. He tells them they’re going to let him and his friends go, because in order for one of them to take the Omegadrive, they’ll have to kill the other four agents and inevitably start a gang war. The agents lower their weapons and Daredevil walks out with Randall and Austin. He tells the terrorists that if their bosses want the Omegadrive, they know where to find him.

Outside the compound, Daredevil tells Randall to leave the country or he’ll have Randall arrested. Randall apologizes to Austin and the two hug. Austin asks what Daredevil will do now that all five groups are going to be coming after him. Daredevil says that while the drive and the information on it is in his possession, as far as those groups are concerned, he’s “the most dangerous man alive”.

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THE MOST CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED NEW SERIES OF THE YEAR CONTINUES ! Matt Murdock relives some of his late father's worst nightmares as Daredevil meets Bruiser, a fighter who can't be put down and won't fall! How will Matt survive--and how will doing so make him the most dangerous man in the Marvel Universe?

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