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Spider-Man after watching Daredevil and Black Cat kissing

Appearing in "The Devil and the Details - Part 2 of 2"

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Synopsis for "The Devil and the Details - Part 2 of 2"

The story starts with Foggy Nelson alongside a group of protesters on a graveyard talking to a group of constructors to stop damaging the land since he carries a legal complaint on behalf of the community and tells them they should be glad that his associate partner Matt Murdock is not present since he has a personal history with the graveyard, which shows the tombstone of Matt's late father "Battlin" Jack Murdock. Then it goes right where the first part left off (on Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 677) with Daredevil emerging from the ruins watching Black Cat over an electrocuted Spider-Man. Daredevil starts fighting against Felicia while she starts flirting with him but then comments that she had a Spider-Tracer on her suit which led the police to her. Realizing they were both set-up, Spidey manages to convince Felicia to help them and the three of them go searching for Wasserschmidt to solve the clues.

The three manage to find him in inside a hidden room in his apartment, where they interrogate him and he reveals that his kidnapping was forced by members of Terra-One in order to co-operate. Spidey and Felicia believe that he might be lying but Daredevil's acute senses reveals that he's not just telling the truth but he's also poisoned and with very few minutes remaining to live so Spider-Man rushes with him to the hospital while Daredevil and Felicia head to investigate.

They both manage to find the location of the Holographic Projector, safeguarded by members of Black Spectre and an ambush is at place. After evading and defeating the initial assault, Daredevil and Black Cat head to the high security levels to search for the device, all of this while Felicia flirts with Matt. They both split and Daredevil manages to find the device and easily defeat the guards, since they ignore the fact that Matt is blind and therefore can't be fooled by the holograms.

After finding the device and reuniting with Felicia, she comments that Daredevil is not satisfied with the job done so she decides to compensate him with a long, passionate kiss. Daredevil tries to think who might've set up Felicia and in a flashback is revealed that Felicia bumped with the mastermind of the theft who reveals to her that the entire ordeal starting with Felicia being set up, was part of his plan to get her attention and "test her" in order to offer her a huge reward in exchange of a device in possession of Matt Murdock himself.

Meanwhile, in the distance, Spider-Man sees Daredevil and Felicia kissing with pain and anger. Afterwards, Felicia and Matt go to his apartment to continue the passionate exchange but just when things start to heat up, Foggy Nelson calls Matt to tell him that the body of his father has suddenly disappeared. The end reveals Foggy standing next to a massive tunnel to the underground right next to Jack Murdock's tombstone

Solicit Synopsis

- Spider-Man and Daredevil team up – Part two! - Picking up where ASM Vol 1 677 left off, the next great love triangle of the Marvel Universe continues!

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