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Daredevil (Matt Murdock)

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Synopsis for 1st story

Right after leaving his apartment, Daredevil heads to the Cemetery to rendezvous with Foggy Nelson about the situation with his late father's whereabouts. Foggy explains the situation about the mysterious tunnel to Matt and says that he managed to stall the authorities so Matt can go down the tunnel and investigate the issue.

Daredevil goes down the tunnel to find the underground creatures Moloids grabbing all the caskets they can to send them to their master, Mole Man. Matt has a minor obstacle with some of his senses limited due to the environment underground and that ends up giving him away to the Moloids, however, he manages to fend off the creatures and head straight to Mole Man's throne.

Meanwhile, Black Cat starts searching for any hidden safe inside Matt's apartment, remembering the deal she strucked with Black Spectre to search for the Omegadrive. She finds a hidden adamantium safe which is sensitive to touch, allowing her to gain access to the device. While she starts to have some second thoughts about the job (hinting a possible attraction to Matt), she ends up with her hands on the device.

Daredevil reaches Mole Man's throne room and witnesses him prying open casket after casket, looking for something. Daredevil loses his composure and attacks Mole Man, but gains the upper hand only briefly before Mole Man subdues him with his electrified scepter. Mole Man orders the Moloids to take Daredevil to the pit and goes back to his work. He opens another casket and finds what he has been looking for - the corpse of a blond woman, which he proceeds to morbidly dance with. The Moloids toss Daredevil into the pit, and while he is able to drag some of the creatures with him, his dulled senses make him unaware of the rows of huge, sharp teeth that wait for him at the bottom.

Solicit Synopsis

• Mole Man returns, fresh from his battle in Avenging Spider-Man! • Jump on to the book that EVERYONE is talking about!

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