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Quote1 The truth is that you don't keep secrets to shield anyone but you. You think it's okay because you've convinced yourself that keeping secrets is a brave and noble act. Stop thinking that. It's not true. That's not your ammunition, Matty. When you were a kid, you got blinded just trying to help an old man across the street. That wasn't fair. Ever since then, you've devoted your life to balancing those scales. To making the world a fairer place for everyone else despite the fact that it is a vast, random entity of incomrephensible power. You get up every morning and you fight an unjust universe because you think you can make a dent. That is exactly the level of arrogance Kirsten and I will always trust to protect us. Quote2
Foggy Nelson

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• The final chapter in the Autobiography of Matt Murdock is written by someone who may surprise you.

• Not everyone survives this phase in Daredevil’s life.

• Find out who lives, who dies...and who is changed forever.

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