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Following the events of Original Sin, Daredevil has a vision of his father hitting his mother while he was a baby. He seeks out his mother for answers, and finds out she’s been arrested. Meeting her in prison, he finds out she was arrested for vandalizing property and is being sent to Wakanda. Daredevil thinks there’s a conspiracy and tracks down a Wakandan center in New York. He finds out that Wakanda has been working with a military general named Eaglemore to protect Wakanda, and had his mother sent to Wakanda because the property she vandalized was Wakandan-owned. Daredevil confronts the Wakandan representative inside the building, but the representative tortures him with sonic noise, throws him out the window, and sends the prisoners away to Wakanda.

Solicit Synopsis

  • The untold story of how Matt Murdock's mother became Sister Maggie.
  • When Matt learns something about his past that's too terrible to accept he seeks out his mother only to find her in more trouble than he could possibly have imagined.

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