Matthew Murdock (Earth-616)
You were dealing with a chemical imbalance. Maggie, I've defended clients with perinatal issues. Yours was extreme, but ten percent of new mothers struggle with it on some level, maybe more. It's not their fault. You know that.
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Daredevil Vol 1 229 page 28 Margaret Murdock (Earth-616)
Sister Maggie
That doesn't make me any less sorry. For failing you.
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Matthew Murdock (Earth-616)
Oh. Failing. Right. You mean by pulling yourself up out of a suicidal depression by faith and sheer force of will to become a force for good on this planet? We should all fail so tragically.
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continues from last issue... Daredevil has Maria Hill take him to Wakanda. He confronts Shuri, the Queen, and reveals that he kidnapped Eaglemore and brought him with him. The military is going to come looking for him if he’s missing, so Shuri releases the prisoners. On the way home, Daredevil asks his mom why she left. She reveals that she was going through post-pregnancy depression, which led her to be violent. She attacked his dad, leading him to hit back. So she ran away, and became a nun. Daredevil hugs his mom and says he’ll see her again soon.

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• The man without fear braves the wilds of Wakanda!

• And the truth behind Matt's mother's greatest sin is finally revealed.

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