Quote1.png I try to. I've been trying to. I thought I could. But it's impossible. I'm not strong enough. Happy Matt is just an act. That's all it ever was. And I can't pull it off anymore. Quote2.png
-- Daredevil

Appearing in 1st story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Purple Children
    • Joe (Real name first revealed)
    • Jamie
    • Connor
    • Shallah
    • An unnamed girl

Other Characters:




Synopsis for 1st story

Solicit Synopsis

• Matt Murdock has struggled mightily to rise above the tragedies that have plagued him in the past.

• Now, however, one of his oldest foes has unleashed a force that Daredevil cannot fight without being swallowed by his darkest moods and thoughts.

• Is this the beginning of a new, grim chapter in his life?


  • The name of the coroner of the county morgue where Purple Man was taken is shown as Elizabeth Pyle. Ellie Pyle is the editor of this issue.

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