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June, 2017April 19, 2017
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Quote1 Did you... kill him, Matthew? Quote2
-- Father Jordan

Appearing in "Purple, Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Purple, Part 3"

The Purple Man asks Daredevil what’s the worst thing he can imagine doing to another person; this is how he entertains himself now because he’s bored of simply making them do what he wants them to do. He says his power is now amplified on a global scale and he’s either going to own it or burn it down, but he wants to torment Daredevil first.

Inside his own mind, Daredevil imagines himself at a bar with all the various iterations of his Daredevil persona. Initially he decides that killing the people he loves with his own hands is the worst thing. So Purple Man goes with him to visit Christie McDuffey. But the various versions of Daredevil in his mind begin fighting each other, imagining things that are even worse. Daredevil tells him he wants chaos all over the world; Purple Man activates the machine and complies.

Riots break out everywhere across the planet. Daredevil says this is the worst thing: knowing that he is needed, but not acting to help. Finally DD snaps out of it and knocks Killgrave out. The priest to whom Murdock is narrating the story says he doesn’t remember the entire world going crazy. Daredevil continues his story; he frees the Purple Children and then rushes outside to help. The Purple Children say they should really do something to help him.

Solicit Synopsis


• How low will MATT MURDOCK sink to hide his secret identity?

• What caused the rift between Matt and his best friend, FOGGY?

• The revelations may be impossible to come back from…

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