Quote1.png We've been talking for ages. I understand you have a lot to get off your chest... but are you going to actually confess to something? Quote2.png
-- Father Jordan

Appearing in "Purple, Conclusion"

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  • Numerous unnamed criminals (Only in flashback)

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Synopsis for "Purple, Conclusion"

DD races across town to check on his girlfriend, not certain exactly what happened while he was under Killgrave’s control. Meanwhile, the Purple Children decide to help Murdock, by hooking their barely-conscious father back up to the machine and powering it up. They use it to make everyone on Earth forget that Matt Murdock is Daredevil.

He goes to check on his girlfriend, and learns that she no longer knows his identity. Confused, he visits Foggy and then unmasks himself. This causes Foggy to remember that he already knew. DD realizes what has happened and goes back to the Psycho-Prism, but the Purple Children are already gone. They’ve left their father tied up and unconscious. The police come to take him away but Daredevil tells the priest he has already escaped again, and recently sent Elektra to kill him. He then beat up a bunch of thugs without worrying about the consequences, since they no longer know his secret identity.

The priest asks him if he has anything to actually confess; Daredevil feels bad because he never told Christie the truth of what happened, and broke up with her soon after to come back to NYC alone. The priest says he cannot grant absolution when he sees only the frailty of human nature, as opposed to actual sin.

DD throws himself into a mysterious plan to completely eliminate crime in NYC.

Solicit Synopsis


• MATT MURDOCK completes his shocking tale and must live with the ramifications of his actions.

• And as DAREDEVIL he must soldier on in the face of the heartbreaks and burned bridges.

• All this leads up to a brand-new chapter for Matt, and a fight truly unlike any he’s faced before!

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