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Quote1.png It'll work, Mr. Hochberg. And when it does... it'll change everything. Quote2.png
Matt Murdock

Appearing in "Supreme: Part 1"

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  • Humans (Main story and flashback)



Synopsis for "Supreme: Part 1"

Daredevil scopes out a group of street-level thugs calling themselves the Munition Militia planning a riot. Luke Cage busts down their door but is surprised to find their expensive guns, purchased from the Black Cat, can hurt him. As they surround him, Daredevil says he cannot interfere.

Earlier, Matt Murdock presents an ambitious plan to the county D.A., in which costumed vigilantes would be able to testify publicly against criminals without revealing their own identity. The D.A. questions whether it’s wise to shine a legal spotlight on the activities of vigilantes like Daredevil, but at Matt’s insistence, pledges to give it a try on a test case, but says Daredevil cannot lay a finger on the criminals during their apprehension.

In order to help Cage without actually touching the criminals, he has recreated Echo to mimic his moves and fight them in his place. As the criminals are rounded up, Ammo says it was only a diversion, and the “big bang’s still coming.” Daredevil realizes the garbage truck he saw earlier was masking a bomb, and the heroes race to stop it. They find it parked by City Hall with three minutes before detonation, and are just able to drive the truck off of a bridge before it explodes.

Later, Matt Murdock explains to the DA that although three of Ammo’s gang escaped, the one they are still holding can be convicted, and he still wants to follow through with his radical plan. In the courtroom, a fully costumed Daredevil takes the stand and prepares to give his testimony.

Solicit Synopsis


• MATT MURDOCK has a bold new plan to eradicate crime in New York City using the massive power of the LEGAL SYSTEM!

• But does this mean he’ll have to give up being DAREDEVIL?

• GUEST-STARRING Luke Cage and Echo!

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