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Appearing in "Supreme: Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Supreme: Part 2"

The courtroom tells Daredevil that he will hear his testimony but its legality is still in question; the defense may compel him to unmask himself. Daredevil believes allowing superheroes to testify will mean more secure convictions, rather than just tying up bad guys and hoping the regular cops can take it from there. The defense of course files such a motion, but the prosecution is ready with a response, prepared in advance by Murdock. The judge adjourns to consider whether or not Daredevil must unmask himself.

The judge decides that Daredevil’s testimony can be given anonymously, but only if the man wearing the suit actually is Daredevil. DD demonstrates his super senses for the court, but the defense notes that what he describes could have been planted ahead of time. Just then Slug’s partners, including Ammo and the others, burst into the courtroom to free Slug. Daredevil takes them all down, convincing everyone he is in fact Daredevil.

Two weeks later, Murdock and his staff celebrate their victory; Daredevil’s testimony helped put Slug and the others in jail. Elsewhere, the Kingpin reads about the case in the newspaper describing the new legal precedent and says he won’t stand for it.

Solicit Synopsis


• It’s the biggest case of MATT MURDOCK’s career. But in order to win it…

• …DAREDEVIL will have to take the witness stand!

• Be here for the turning point that will kick off the next big phase of the Man Without Fear’s career!

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