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Quote1.png Good luck with your case, Matt. I hope it goes really well. Maybe it's too late to tell you this, but there's something I've been thinking about a lot recently. I can turn into a Hulk any time I want. But just because you can do something doesn't always mean you should. Quote2.png
Jen Walters

Appearing in "Supreme: Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Supreme: Part 3"

A man calling himself Legal, the former chief counsel for Tony Stark, approaches Wilson Fisk during a workout, offering his expert services. In another room, Wesley and Tombstone watch the interview. Wesley says the Kingpin will fight the new legal precedent in court, but if that doesn’t work out, Tombstone will be Plan B. Wesley males clear that Tombstone should never cross Kingpin, lest he end up “in the bag.”

Legal describes the current appeal in motion against the precedent, which would enable superheroes to testify anonymously in court. Kingpin says he wants squashed. He hires Legal, as blood drips from Kingpin’s punching bag, making clear Wesley’s earlier reference.

Matt Murdock meets with Jen Walters, the world’s foremost expert on superhuman law, and she is impressed at the arguments of his brief. She warns him about how good Legal is, and the stakes of the case, when Tombstone approaches. Matt realizes who it is, but cannot do anything without revealing his powers. So Tombstone begins to throttle him and throws him through a window, knocking Jen down as well. This causes her to Hulk out and send Tombstone flying through the window across the street. Murdock rushes over and whacks him with a brick, which has little effect. But Jen comes out and to smack him around more, and the outmatched Tombstone runs away.

Jen de-Hulks and tells Matt things aren’t like they used to be—she can hulk out whenever she wants to, but she realizes that doesn’t mean she should.

Later in the appeals court, Legal presents a multitude of sharp arguments and Matt wonders who exactly hired him, before taking up the arguments himself.

Solicit Synopsis


• MATT MURDOCK’S risky move is garnering attention…

• …and not everyone sees it in a positive light…

• It’s a battle on two fronts as Matt defends his new legislation and DAREDEVIL comes under attack!

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