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Quote1 Hey. The guy who hired you to take over this case after the first hearing back in New York. Was it Wilson Fisk? Quote2
Matt Murdock

Appearing in "Supreme: Conclusion"

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Synopsis for "Supreme: Conclusion"

Matt and Foggy relish the sight of the Supreme Court. To Foggy’s surprise, Matt confesses that he lost the previous appeals case on purpose. He says he needed it to come before the Supremes in order for the ruling to have true power.

In a bar in Baltimore, Tombstone is getting drinks and trying to lay low, when the Kingpin calls him via the bar’s phone to express his disappointment. He is told to try again in Washington DC and is given a rocket launcher.

Awaiting their time to argue before the Supremes, Legal tells Matt Murdock that the courts are nothing but a legal fiction, and he entered into law because of the power it allows him to exert. Matt rattles him by mentioning that he knows it was Wilson Fisk who hired him.

Arguing before the Supremes, Murdock imagines his exchange with them as a physical battle, and feels like he’s getting beat up badly. In his rebuttal to Legal’s opening statement he stresses the voluntary good that all citizens are obliged to do.

Ten days later, the court rules in Matt’s favor, potentially changing the entire landscape of law enforcement. Matt calls Foggy and tries to explain why he needs to fight criminals both in the courtroom and in the streets at once. He reverts to his classic red costume.

In the bar, Kingpin calls Tombstone again to ask why he did nothing. Tombstone says he believed Matt would win, and now Fisk will be too busy covering his own ass to come after Tombstone. In NYC, and enraged Kingpin punches out a window, and tells Wesley to turn to Plan C.

Solicit Synopsis


• MATT MURDOCK’s gambit reaches its endgame…

• …but will this be the victory he was looking for, or the start of something far worse?

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