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Quote1.png All I want to do... all I've ever wanted to do... was help people. Quote2.png
Matt Murdock

Appearing in "Know Fear: Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Know Fear: Part 2"

At a gym, Detective Fred Higgins introduces to a friend of his his new colleague, Cole North, saying, as Cole trains on the boxing bag, that they are after "New York's most wanted killer."

In his apartment, Foggy Nelson is trying to contact his best friend, Matt Murdock, a.k.a. Daredevil, to give him counsel after the cops have accused him of killing a robber. Daredevil shows up in the apartment, adamant in his conviction that he did not cause the robber to die and that he's being framed by the mayor Wilson Fisk. Foggy tries to get him to collaborate with the authorities, but Matt replies that he needs to be on the streets, since not doing his job as a vigilante would be an admission of guilt.

First off, Daredevil stops at the hospital where Leo Carraro, the robber, had been taken and was declared dead. He assaults the doctor responsible for the biopsy, but he seems to be telling the truth based on his heartbeat: the doctor accuses Matt of having made a mistake and not being able to accept it. Daredevil leaves in distress.

Detectives Higgins and North force their way into the Mayor's office, his secretary's complaints notwithstanding. Mayor Fisk doesn't seem preoccupied by the presence of the two officers, admitting he has had an antagonistic relationship with Daredevil because he believes in law and order and not in vigilantes. North knows of Fisk's past as the most powerful criminal in NYC, but he plays it down. Fisk states that he knows they just came there to see him, because North was curious, and subtly threatens him by mentioning people in his life. As they leave, North thinks that the moment he has arrested Daredevil, Fisk will be next. Welch asks his boss whether they have anything to do with the alleged framing of Daredevil, but Fisk replies that he wishes he did. On a nearby rooftop, the Devil was listening to the conversation, and realizes Fisk has nothing to do with it.

Matt retreats to his old church, looking for council from Father Simons. He isn't there, so he talks to a nun, "Sister Elizabeth." She reminds him that nothing is unforgivable in the eyes of God, save for final impenitence, and that if what he wants is to help people, he should just do that.

Matt takes her advice, going back to the streets to save people from criminals. Unfortunately, though, he sees the same terror both in the eyes of felons and in the eyes of those he's trying to protect and save. Retreating again on a rooftop, Matt reaffirms his own innocence, but he also realizes that no-one else, not even his closest friends and allies, believe it. He also wonders who, if not Fisk, is responsible for framing him.

Matt eventually decides to go back to the scene where he had the brawl with Carraro to look for clues. Since everything got burnt down, his heightened sense cannot perceive anything, except... the two Detectives (North and Higgins) right behind him. As Higgins draws his gun, Daredevil immediately reacts by throwing a baton at him, triggering North to action. Daredevil hits him with a kick in the belly, but, as he tries to escape, North manages to fire at him, hitting him on the left shoulder. With Daredevil on the ground, North calls for reinforcements, as the vigilante is finally in their hands.

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