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Quote1.png You're under arrest. Quote2.png
Detective Cole North

Appearing in "Know Fear: Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Know Fear: Part 3"

After his speech at a gala event, Mayor Fisk is informed by Wesley Welch of Daredevil's imminent arrest. The Mayor decides to go look for himself, for once just a spectator instead of the reason for Daredevil's misfortune.

Daredevil, on the ground, is kept at gunpoint by Officer Cole North. He manages to subdue the detective, and starts running away, as his partner, Higgins, shoots at him. While Higgins calls for reinforcements, Daredevil hides in a fashion outlet, where he borrows some clothes to blend in the crowd. Nevertheless, North spots him and follows him to a road block made by police cars. Surrounded by the police and with Fisk grinning at him, Daredevil asks some officers how are their families, implying he saved some of their close ones. North is upset by this scene, ordering every officer to do their job and apprehend him. Daredevil throws North's gun at him, and the two engage in a fist fight in the ring of policemen watching. Devil loses because of the gun wound on his shoulder, and is arrested. North tries to unmask him before letting him inside the car, but an older officer stops him, asking him to wait until they are at the station in respect of Daredevil's services to New York City throughout the years. North accepts with indifference, while Higgins notices that now he will be considered a hero, but only by the criminals of the city. Fisk and Welch leave, in order to prepare a speech on this event.

Just as Daredevil, handcuffed in the back of a police car, thinks his career is over, a myriad of projectiles and smoke bombs drop on the scene, causing the police to retreat. North decides to break cover and confronts Daredevil, who managed to crawl outside the car in the mayhem: but as the vigilante tries to explain he has nothing to do with this, North is choked by someone from behind.

Regaining his senses, Daredevil finds himself on an operating table, with his wound medicated. The man who "saved" him is none other than The Punisher, who believes Matt has finally "seen the light."


  • The Punisher is notorious for believing that the best way to get rid of crime is by killing off criminals. Since it is believed that Daredevil killed a criminal in Daredevil (Vol. 6) #1, this is what he refers to in the last panel, saying "you've seen the light."

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