Quote1.png I'm not you, Frank. I'll never be you. Quote2.png
-- Daredevil

Appearing in "Know Fear: Part 4"

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Synopsis for "Know Fear: Part 4"

After The Punisher's attack on the police, Detective Cole North is being treated for his wounds as he's was hurt during the altercation with Daredevil. It appears that the Punisher willingly set his weapons to only do property damage and not hurt people. Captain Cervantes arrives on the scene, scalding North for his decision to fight Daredevil with fists instead of with the law. Now many more officers are set to look for the vigilante, wasting the NYPD's time and money.

Matt wakes up in a tunnel, greeted by Frank Castle as having finally seen the light: he believes that Daredevil actually killed the thug, so he wanted to save him from being arrested. As he speaks, Frank turns to an accomplice of the Owl, and resumes torturing him to find out where a big drug shipment will be taking place. Frank doesn't believe his answers, but Daredevil feels he's telling the truth based on his heartbeat. Matt explains he didn't kill the thug, at least not willingly, as he realizes he's in no condition to break free of his bed: his only chance to save the Owl's minion is to reason with Frank. He tells him that the criminal probably had a difficult life and he has people who love him too: Frank then decides to let him free, only to kill him when the criminal tries to use one of the machine-guns around the room.

Furious, Daredevil breaks the his bed railings and attacks Castle. Both with guns in their hands, the two vigilantes exchange lines on the principles behind their conduct. Frank thinks it's just a matter of math: killing one saves many others; Matt refuses, believing there is always hope for change. Matt eventually shoots Frank, who wears a Kevlar vest, then triggers the explosives in the room by shooting at them, and manages to subdue Castle with a couple of martial arts blows.

While transporting Castle away on his back, Matt has a sudden realization: he did kill that man, and he has to live with it by doing what God gave him powers to do.

In his apartment, Detective North receives a call from Mayor Wilson Fisk, who tries to seduce him to his side by promising no repercussions on him for what happened with Daredevil. North hangs up on the Mayor halfway through the conversation, unwilling to listen to him.

Daredevil leaves Castle tied and unconscious on a police car, and decides to take on the Owl's plan, finally getting back to work.

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