Quote1.png Prisoner Saturnyne, this court finds you guilty as charged in respect of your complicity in the destruction of Earth-238. You will be stripped of all titles and properties relating to your office as Majestrix...and then you will be broken down into your component sal-salts and bio-carbons and returned to the soil that your treacherous feet have defiled. Sentence to be carried out immediately. Quote2.png
-- Mandragon

Appearing in "Rough Justice"

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Synopsis for "Rough Justice"

The final fate of the Crooked World, and the return of Captain UK.

Appearing in "Black Sun Rising"

Featured Characters

Synopsis for "Black Sun Rising"

The Special Executive thwarts a terrorist attack on Gallifrey.


  • This issue also includes a Night Raven text story.
  • Black Sun Rising is reprinted from Doctor Who Magazine


  • Within the Captain Britain story, this issue makes the first ever reference to Earth-616, the primary Marvel Universe. Saturnyne refers to Captain Britain as being from Earth-616 in order to differentiate him from other members of the Captain Britain Corps (i.e. Captain UK and Captain England).

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