Dargil was a servant of the much more powerful demon Mephisto who was sent to investigate the disappearance of a soul forsworn to Mephisto by its owner. When Dargil arrived, the owner was prepared, and cut off his head, affixing it to a chain, making him his servant. That owner had sealed his soul in brass armor and taken the moniker, the Brass Bishop. Dargil served the Bishop for many years, taking and sucking the souls out of whomever the Bishop wanted and feeding it to him. When the Bishop needed Puck to find the Solomon Seal, a mystical key which could open the gates to heaven, Dargil sucked out his soul, into the Brass Bishop, turning Puck into a mindless drone, obedient to the Bishop. However, Puck was able to free himself enough to use the Seal on the Bishop, freeing his soul for Mephisto to take back to his dimension. Presumably, Dargil also returned to Mephisto's dimension.[1]

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