One of Bastion's aides, she was the person that helped him take care of Jubilee when she was captured. She helped him retrieve the memories of Jubilee in order to capture the X-Men, and she also helped him to jumpstart Operation: Zero Tolerance. She started to feel sorry for Jubilee and tried to take of her, but Jubilee refused her help, thinking Daria was evil. Eventually, Jubilee started to trust Daria, especially when her nanotech body was revealed, surprising Daria as much as Jubilee. Daria was able to take of her for a period of time.[citation needed]

Daria decided that Jubilee was not safe any more, and decided to free her. Releasing her from her restraints, Jubilee rode on a Daria's back as she flew outside to try to save her. Unfortunately, Bastion found out and sent his Prime Sentinels after them. To save Jubilee, Daria dropped off her into a canyon, where the Sentinels couldn't scan to find her. Daria then led the Sentinels away from Jubliee.[citation needed]


The full extent of Daria's powers are unknown. As a Prime Sentinel, Daria is mostly composed of nanotech robots. She seems capable of flight and projecting lasers, mostly.

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