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Dark Aegis is a particularly sadistic and ruthless supervillain who Iron Man faced earlier. He was thought dead during his early battls, but was revealed to be still alive, and the tyrant and destroyer of an innocent planet, whom he massacred because they looked less than human, according to him. He also found powerful weapons known as the Oracles, and began his megalomaniacal quest to become a god amongst the universe. He allied with Titanium Man, and gave him the weapons, so that he could rule over Russia, though soon even he had doubts about Aegis. When Iron Man and War Machine armored up and went to confront the armored maniac, they were horrified to see that he had practically destroyed the planet and killed the entire civilization there. Iron Man went to deal with Aegis, while War Machine went to deal with Titanium Man. Iron Man confronted the now insane Dark Aegis, who now believed himself to be a god, and was offered a chance to become like him with another Oracle weapon, so they can both destroy the suns. When Iron Man refused, an enraged Aegis began to fight him. Soon Titanium Man betrayed him, due to him wanting to lead compared to his genocidal goals. Soon, Aegis was defeated, but he escaped while leaving the armored men to die in the planet's destruction. It took Titanium Man's noble sacrifice to deal with Aegis and bring him to justice. It is unknown what happened to both Aegis and Titanium Man after that.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Superhuman strength, regeneration, durability, flight, energy blasts, assorted weapons, and protection from the dangers of space.


Cunning intellect





Oracle weapons attached to his right arm, which project force blasts.


Flight under his boot jets.


  • Voiced by Scott Valentine.

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