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Quote1.png Seven years ago, the world we knew ended. We built another world. A world to be proud of. But years after the lights went out -- after the end... came the apocalypse. Quote2.png
Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

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Synopsis for 1st story

Peter Parker narrates to his unseen campfire audience as an older Spider-Man, recounting the events from the day the world went dark.

Peter and Mary Jane were with Luke Cage and Jessica Jones for a playdate with their daughters, May and Dani. But after Mary Jane asked Peter to remove May from the ceiling, every Spider hero's spider sense triggered by something beyond a Galactus-level event. Elsewhere, Moon Girl then detected the problem and raced to the Baxter Building, whilst X-Men telepaths Jean Grey and Charles Xavier sensed the threat at hand, Apocalypse used his cyberpathy to detect the ancient force causing the threat and desired its power. As Peter informed Luke about his spider sense, he urged Mary Jane seek shelter as he headed off to the Baxter Building. There, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur reached the Fantastic Four headquarters at midnight, when a tremor rocked New York and the geniuses soon deduced that some thing was coming out from within the Earth. As Valeria concluded that the world was ending, Uatu appeared and affirmed her conclusion, as what he had been watching for was to come, and Earth had hours left at that point.

Uatu explained that ten billion years ago, a living machine dubbed the Unmaker was created to stop the Entropy of the universe by consuming black holes, but was corrupted overtime by its food source and began to unmake entire galaxies. Stopped by the Living Tribunal, the Unmaker's sleeping body was too powerful to destroy and was instead imprisoned in the core of a primordial Earth. Awakened, it would destroy the Earth before aiming at all other worlds if not stopped. After all heroes coordinated, a strike team was made to counter the Unmaker: Vision, Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange, The Thing, and the Invisible Woman. Confronting the ancient machine, its attempted escape from the planet's core caused planet wide tremors. With minor damage in Wakanda, the rest of the world was one big disaster area stretching the heroes thin. Not confined to the surface, Namor was helpless as the tremors caused Atlantis to sink into the Earth below.

Confronting the Unmaker, Ben died in the attack, Scarlet Witch's reality bending powers were easily negated before she was "unmade", and Vision bought a precious few seconds for Doctor Strange to cast a spell. Using a portal to an EMP dimension, the Unmaker pierced Sue's force field and fatally stabbed Strange, but not fast enough as the EMP blast seemingly killed the ancient weapon. As victorious as they could be, Strange sent Sue back home with his dying breath, but his death left the portal open to flood the Earth in a continuous EMP emission from the core. Everything running on electricity was deactivated, from medical and military technology to superhero gear and artificial life forms. With his web-shooters disabled, Spider-Man crash landed swinging back to Luke and Jessica's apartment. Recently decimated by a tremor, panicked and clawing to find his family, Peter's dark fears ended with illuminated hope upon finding his daughter lifting a chunk of debris that saved Mary Jane, an old woman, and a young boy.

Seven years later, a grizzled Peter Parker comments on how the world rebuilt itself into something to be proud of. He finishes his tale with mention of how after the end, came the apocalypse, as the eponymous villain was accompanied by six superheroes.

Solicit Synopsis

This is what the Watcher has been watching for!

• A danger older than the Earth threatens everything. For once, the heroes who have saved the planet so many times are almost powerless in the face of it.

• X-Men and Avengers assemble. Spider-People and Fantastic Four come together. Heroes for Hire fight alongside Champions.

• None of it will be enough.

• The lights are about to go out.

• The world outside our about to end.

• An all-new saga of the Marvel Universe as you've never seen it before from Tom Taylor and Iban Coello!

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