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Quote1.png I touched the mind of a being more powerful than a god. Then, the Earth stopped and the being slept. I want that power. You're going to help me wake the Unmaker, Tony Stark. Quote2.png

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Recapping the events that occurred after the global EMP rid Earth of all electricity, Spider-Man states that the first few years were utter chaos as rival factions formed, warring over limited resources. Billions of people died, before the remaining superheroes banded together and made an effort to restore peace and rebuild society. Quipping that the post-apocalypse doesn't have to be a barren wasteland dominated by thugs wearing spiked leather, too many skull motifs, and cannibals, Spider-Man says the world worked hard to build something better, a place where people could raise their families.

Seven years after the defeat of the Unmaker, May Parker practises web-swinging in Central Park while playing hide-and-go seek with her father. Tagging her, Spider-Man causes May to crash into a tree and she sullenly complains that he cheated - Peter replying that she was the one who alerted him to her location by cheering. At the foot of the tree, Mary Jane Watson-Parker calls out to her husband and daughter that it's time to head home, Peter responding that he needs to spin some webs first. Mentally, Peter notes that the world is healing from climate destruction and disparate groups banded together into communities connected by Professor X, who uses his powerful telepathic abilities to check in on the various cities that have been built in the years since the lights went out. Wakanda became Earth's capital city, where the greatest geniuses united to invent non-electric versions of lost technologies like lighting and refrigeration. However, Peter admits that this utopia is fragile: once night falls, danger prowls the darkness - hence his duty of spinning webs to alert guards of lurking monsters.

Daredevil and Foggy Nelson are alerted by a snapped web ringing a bell, Daredevil noting that the intruders are headed for the southwestern corner of the city. As Foggy suggests sending up a flare, Daredevil says there's no need. In the city, Wolverine, Honey Badger, Blade, and Elsa Bloodstone note the intruders are a pack of werewolves and vampires, coating their weapons in silver and arming themselves with stakes. The forces of the Night Horde attack the hunters but are quickly overwhelmed.

In their lab in a nearby cave, Pepper Potts wryly comments to Tony Stark - now sporting a prosthetic leg - that the shrieking and snarling makes for serene sounds, Tony quipping that the Night Horde made a very bad mistake. An errant vampire lurches out of the darkness, snarling, but is decapitated by Captain America's Shield, Steve Rogers wryly reprimanding Tony for not re-inventing a door. Happily greeting their old friend, Tony and Pepper remark that it's been a while since they last heard from him, but Steve changes the subject by asking how their alchemical experiments have been coming. Tony quips that he finally figured out how to change lead into gold, Steve expressing surprise at how well Tony and Pepper have adjusted to a world without money or advanced technology. As they crack jokes at the dead vampire's expense, Steve reveals he has been in Europe, which is ruled with an iron fist by Apocalypse and needs to be liberated.

Asking to speak with Tony in private, Steve leads him outside and comments that he thought Tony would miss electricity most of all, Tony admitting that he lies awake at night dreaming up world-changing inventions that will never come to fruition. As Tony asks if Steve wants him to go to war with Europe, Steve says he may have found a way to help Tony invent those world-changing machines. Tony warily asks where Steve is taking him, and Steve says there's something important he needs to show him, parting some bushes with a malevolent smile. Waiting in a clearing, Apocalypse - accompanied by Dracula and a group of vampires - greets Iron Man. Tony quickly throws a flashbang grenade that reduces the lesser vampires to dust, but Dracula evades it and grabs Tony by the neck, snarling that some of the vampires he just killed had been in his service for centuries. "Steve" promptly knocks Tony out with his shield, revealing herself to be Mystique in disguise. With Tony captured, Apocalypse teleport the group back to Europe.

In Europe, Tony awakens to find Apocalypse towering over him. As En Sabah Nur praises Tony for his superhuman genius and laments having once been so narrow-minded in believing that only mutants were worthy of life, Tony sarcastically congratulates Apocalypse for proving genocidal maniacs can undergo character development. As Apocalypse tells Tony he will now work for him, Tony looks at the slave laborers erecting a statue of the tyrant and bluntly refuses to serve a megalomaniac. Commenting on Tony's hypocrisy - saying that the Iron Man suits were monuments to his ego and that many of the metals that comprised them were mined by slaves in other countries - Apocalypse says that Tony should understand that evolution purges those who are weak and inferior.

Leading him into a building, Apocalypse says that the world has gone stagnant but that it is time to evolve again, Tony expressing shock to see Reed Richards and Riri Williams - among other missing heroes who had been long-presumed deceased - working on massive Van de Graaff generators surging with electricity. As Tony asks what he's doing, Reed responds that he is doing everything he can to help En Sabah Nur, refuting Tony's assumption that he's being threatened or blackmailed. As Tony marvels at Apocalypse's accomplishment and asks how he did it, Apocalypse turns the question on Tony, who realizes that Apocalypse built a massive Faraday cage to repel the EMP. Noting that even Adamantium and Vibranium weren't enough to repel the EMP, Tony posits that Apocalypse found a magnetic object just as powerful to force it back. Apocalypse corrects him, saying the Faraday cage's source isn't a thing but a person, and points to the peak of the largest generator, where Magneto is wired to the device, his body bound and contorted in agony. Congratulating Tony for figuring it out, Apocalypse signals Zebediah Killgrave, who uses his mental manipulation powers on Tony to enslave him to Apocalypse's will. As Apocalypse walks away, he grimly states that for a moment he had connected to the mind of a god, and wants to take the Unmaker's power for himself, saying Tony will help him awaken the alien machine.

Solicit Synopsis

It has been years since the age of technology ended in a single moment, like a switch had been flicked to off for an entire planet. Now Earth's heroes attempt to bring humanity together in the darkness. X-Men and Avengers, vigilantes and villains all work together to create something better. But something darker than the night is descending on the world. Our postapocalyptic world is about to face Apocalypse.

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