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Quote1 You got yourself a whopper of a problem there, mister. ... Did you read about the Scarlet Witch? Do you know what happened to her? That...was nothing. Quote2
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Synopsis for 1st story

In Owen's Reece's dimension, he has a beastly-looking Spider-Man torture Osborn by having him hung like a yo-yo. He is then dropped, before winding up on the ground.

In the real world, Victoria Hand announces her surrender to Reece, since he easily bested The Avengers. However, the constructs of Enchantress, Beyonder, Zarathos and Mephisto throw possibilities at Reece - is she lying? Using his powers, Reece erodes away her uniform to her underwear to check if she has any weapons, as she pleads him to restore the forty-four people that had passed through his home town. Reece responds by taking her into his dimension, showing her Osborn, naked and out cold. Then suddenly, Reece is attacked by The Sentry, who had managed to pull his molecules back together. They then fight. Reece once again destroys the Sentry, as H.A.M.M.E.R. launches its attack. This causes Reece to go berserk as he disassembles a plane. However, the Sentry reappears once again, demanding that he put everything back or he'll kill him. Reece complies, restores all the people, including the Avengers, but the Sentry then destroys him.

The Sentry realizes that he can control molecules as well, which is the reason he could never die. Unfortunately, he fears that he may be different than everyone else. Ms. Marvel offers to help realize that he is special as much as any other superhuman. He then takes off for home. Meanwhile, Ms. Marvel tells Osborn that The Scarlet Witch's breakdown is nothing to what may happen with the Sentry.

Later, back at Avengers Tower, Hand rings at Osborn's lab. He assumes that she wants to talk about the Sentry but she snaps that she's not his puppet. With his mental illness, he needs to get expert help, otherwise he's not fit to be Director of H.A.M.M.E.R. or leader of the Avengers. He reluctantly agrees. As he returns to the sanctity of his lab, he has another mental breakdown. Unknown to him, Loki is right behind him, smiling intently.

Solicit Synopsis

The explosive smash hit series from Brian Bendis and Mike Deodato continues!! The Dark Avengers are pitted against a foe they cannot defeat: A man with the power over every molecule in the world! Norman can't talk his way out of this one as the world gets turned upside down and no joke...someone dies. For reelz!!


  • The cover is an homage to Avengers #314
  • Despite the synopsis' insistence that a character dies for real, no character really dies, the Molecule Man is just sent away.

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