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Luke Cage

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Synopsis for "Time to Die!"

The Thunderbolts attack Doom who brings the tower to the present day in Latveria. Here, they are attacked by an army of Doombots. They fight them off and Satana eventually finds the real Doctor Doom and uses a spell to send his astral form back to Hell. Doom quickly finds his way back but before he is able to retaliate, the Thunderbolts retreat back to the tower which is planning another jump. The tower jumps and takes them into the far future where a "Boss Cage" is sent to deal with them.

Meanwhile, the Dark Avengers initially refuse to follow Cage, and the Committee initially refuses to accept his services but Cage counters that he was appointed by Steve Rogers and only Steve Rogers can fire him. He is given the control for the Dark Avengers nanite failsafe and they embark to Sharzhad, a new country between Egypt and Libya created by Dagan Shah. The country - while new - is technologically advanced on the level of Latveria or Wakanda through use of alien technology. The Dark Avengers' mission is to retrieve Wender, whom Shah plans to use as a conduit to allow him access to his great powers around the globe as opposed to just his home country. Toxie Doxie uses her new powers to track Wender to the Northeast but they are ambushed by a giant sand version of Shah.

Solicit Synopsis

• Luke Cage learns the secret behind the deadly mission that faces the Dark Avengers!

• The TimeStream-TravelingThunderbolts battle Dr. Doom in the past for the fate of the future!

• Skaar discovers the secret agenda of the Dark Avengers!


  • This story is reprinted in the trade Dark Avengers: The End is the Beginning.

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