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Synopsis for "Change is Good"

Mach V and Songbird are spying on the Thunderbolts Committee who they suspect are up to something highly illegal or immoral. Mach V discovers that they are building something that does not pertain to the Raft at all. When the committee find out that Mach V is snooping around they order his death, which prompts Songbird to barge in and demand answers. Meanwhile, Warden Walker approaches Cain Marko - the former Juggernaut - and asks him a favor.

Meanwhile the Thunderbolts agree to help the mutants invade the city, since they need to reach it in order to go back to their own time. The mutants overhear them mentioning Luke Cage and believe they are in cahoots with Boss Cage and attack them. The Thunderbolts make quick work of all attackers and Centurius declares that with Man-Thing's newfound accuracy with his teleports - curtesy of tutoring from Satana - they don't need the mutants anyway. One of the mutants tells them that teleporting into the city is impossible however and that the only way to reach it is to battle through the gate, prompting the Thunderbolts and mutants to ally again. Ghost and Centurius are able to receive a message from the past but quickly lose the signal again. Ghost reveals that whatever the Dark Avengers' mission in Sharzhad is, it is what creates the cataclysm that destroys the world. Before losing the signal, Ghost was also able to send a message back.

Meanwhile, Dagan Shah is distracted by a sudden explosion at his palace and he quickly leaves the battle. Meanwhile, the Dark Avengers are battling through Shah's defenses. Wender senses their target below and Ragnarok breaks through to the underground cave that is the source of Shah's power. They find a sub-space pocket containing a little universe built by the Rigellians who left it behind thousands of years ago after an attempt to colonize the Earth. The crystal formations in the pocket are what give Shah his power. On Toxie's direction, Wender begins to channel all of the energy.

Solicit Synopsis

• The Dark Avengers’ operation sets off what will become known as THE CATACLYSM • Songbird finds out a deadly secret conspiracy to destroy The Dark Avengers, Luke Cage and the Thunderbolts – Forever! • Neil Edwards (SPIDER-MAN: SEASON ONE) joins Jeff Parker for the defining chapter in the Dark Avengers legacy!!


  • This story is reprinted in the trade Dark Avengers: The End is the Beginning.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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