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  • Quinjet
  • Aircraft carrier
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Synopsis for "Boss Level"

Magus storms into his castle to find the Dark Avengers siphoning away the source of his power. He tries to absorb it in order to power himself up, but finds that Ragnarok is converting it and making it unstable. Ragnarok proceeds to knock him out and he is webbed up by Apaec.

Meanwhile Luke and Skaar are running towards the castle as the forcefield surrounding the city starts closing in on them. Skaar is still unable to transform into his Hulk form.

Meanwhile Mach V manages to destroy his assailants and escapes the facility. He has picked up by Henry Pym, Walker and Cain Marko who also pick up Songbird who has been kidnapped FACT. They force FACT to explain themselves and they reveal that Wender has a twin named Lars Wender. They're super-human twins with the ability to transfer massive amounts of energy between them. After they found out about Sharzhad and the fact that it was controlling a near unlimited energy source they sent in the newly captured Dark Avengers in order to use the force wall technology to rebuild the Raft. Sending in the Dark Avengers would give them plausible deniability incase the Dark Avengers failed since they could just blame it on the criminals. Pym and the others arrive in Sharazad in order to help Luke and his team.

Meanwhile, the Thunderbolts and the mutants storm the city and they make it up to the control tower. There, Ghost connects Man-Thing to the signal Pym sent out in order to teleport them back home, but before Man-Thing can gather the focus for a teleport they are interrupted by the arrival of Boss Cage.

Solicit Synopsis

• The Dark Avengers’ operation sets off what will become known as THE CATACLYSM • Songbird finds out a deadly secret conspiracy to destroy The Dark Avengers, Luke Cage and the Thunderbolts – Forever! • Neil Edwards (SPIDER-MAN: SEASON ONE) joins Jeff Parker for the defining chapter in the Dark Avengers legacy!!


  • This story is reprinted in the trade Dark Avengers: The End is the Beginning.
  • Ai Apaec is misspelled as "Aepec" in the story.

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