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Synopsis for "Nothing Stops Justice!"

Boss Cage confronts the Thunderbolts, having control over the signal they can use to return to the past. The Thunderbolts prepare to attack, but Ghost stops them, saying that Cage is their only hope. Cage reveals he had a bug planted on Hyde, and he knows they are from the past. If they go back, they could stop this dystopic future from happening. Thus, he gives them the signal.

In the future, the Avengers and FF try moving the container F.A.C.T. was using to drain energy from Sharzhad. Over in said country, MACH V, Songbird and Warden Walker arrive with FACT to tell Luke Cage of their hidden motives. But the energy pipeline isn't stopping and is threatening to hit critical mass if they can't shut it off. The problem is, they still can't break through the wall.

Just then, Cain Marko turns up, just as the Thunderbolts return to the present. With Satana's help, Man-Thing opens a portal to the realm of Cyttorak to grant Marko the power of the Juggernaut once again. Marko then uses his power to break through the wall. The Thunderbolts then confront the Dark Avengers. Assuming they've been betrayed by Cage, Toxic Doxie attempts to attack, but Satana incapacitates her. Trickshot is knocked out by Boomerang's 'rangs while Troll destroys Ragnarok's hammer, enabling Hyde and Juggernaut to take him down. Cage easily pounds Dark Spider-Man, noting he doesn't have a spider sense.

Though they stopped the Dark Avengers, they can't free Erik Wender from the energy pipeline. The Thunderbolts bring the pipeline topside, accidentally killing F.A.C.T. With few options left, Centurious takes Skaar's sword and stabs Wender with it, saving the world and erasing the dystopic future.

MACH-V then asks where's Fixer, to which Boomerang gives a nervous, "Um." Songbird then goes over to Troll, expressing relief that she's okay. Troll responds by hugging her, thankful to be back.

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• But who can the Thunderbolts call on to knock down the Dark Avengers? THE ORIGINAL JUGGERNAUT, CAIN MARKO!


  • This story is reprinted in the trade Dark Avengers: The End is the Beginning.

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