Quote1 You know, it's too bad I killed my mother in high school...she would have loved this. Joking. She wouldn't 'a cared. Quote2
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Norman's Avengers receive word that Doctor Doom has been attacked by Morgana le Fay and go to Latveria on their first mission to assist him. Norman immediately orders Sentry to go all out and he does, simply tearing her head off to the shock of his fellow Avengers. Sentry suddenly explodes however as Morgana simply returns from the past, stating that it doesn't matter if they kill her in the present. She proceeds to summon several magical creatures and enchants Venom to attack his teammates.

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This issue of the new series, Dark Avengers, starts when Morgana Le Fay goes back in time 37 years ago to Dr. Doom's childhood so she can kill him while he iis asleep. She decides no to because Doom will not know who killed him and why. In the present, Norman Osborn officially launches the organization replacing S.H.I.E.L.D, H.A.M.M.E.R., and then meets with his fellow Dark Avengers. Meanwhile, Morgana attacks Doom in the present, and on of Doom's guards sends out a distress signal to Osborn. The Dark Avengers head for Latveria.

In Latveria, the Avengers confront Morgana who has almost killed Doom, and her head is ripped off by Sentry. The Avengers find Doom, and then the Sentry is killed in a sudden explosion, cased by Morgana who came back from the past, alive. She turns Spider-Man into a huge Venom Monster that eats Ares, and all seems lost as the Avengers arre fighting her demon minions.
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