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Quote1.png She came back once. And when she did, she took one of us out. Five more times, she's gold. Quote2.png
-- Ms. Marvel

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Synopsis for 1st story

The issue opens with a flashback revealing how Norman convinced Sentry to join his Avengers by emphasizing with him as Morgana uses her magic to study her enemies and learn all the Avengers secrets. Meanwhile in the present the Avengers are fighting the magical horde when Ares is petrified by a spell. Hawkeye manages to kill Morgana with his arrows but she simply returns from the past again and enchants Venom to go after Hawkeye. Norman picks up Doctor Doom who has been paralyzed by Morgana and convinces him to allow Norman to interface with his armor and access his time machine in order to go back to Morgana's time and confront her. After some coaxing Doom finally agrees and they travel back and confront Morgana.


  • The flashback in this issue takes place prior to the events of Dark Avengers #1.

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