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Quote1 You know, I have a little Kree in me... Quote2
Ms. Marvel (Karla Sofen), to Noh-Varr

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  • H.A.M.M.E.R. Jet

Synopsis for 1st story

Latveria, the former grounds of Castle Doom, Morgan Le Fay and her demon hordes are still fighting the Dark Avengers. Venom is out of control, being forced to attack Hawkeye, who doesn't care if he isn't doing this of his free will. Meanwhile, Ms. Marvel takes off to challenge Morgan. The sorceress swings her sword at her only for Ms. Marvel to go intangible, before using a photonic blast to knock her off her demon dragon.

In Morgan's castle, 690 A.D., the other Morgan faces both Iron Patriot and Doctor Doom. She yells at Osborn for thinking that he can trust Doom, who is already planning on betraying him soon enough. Osborn responds that it's the reason he has the armor on. Morgan unleashes a magic blast at them but the iron in their armors leave them unaffected. Doom charges up his own magic, but Morgan warns him that he can't kill her, otherwise it will upset his existence and the timeline. Therefore, Doom chants spell in a language she never heard of of, sending Morgan into her own cauldron, where she emerges in England 1,000,000 B.C., where she can't attack them again. Osborn then notes the fact that they are in King Arthur's time and suggests that they play around with history. Doom refuses to do so and has his timeslide technology send them back to the exact moment they left, reminding Osborn that he is lucky that he is already in power. When they come back to the present, Doom revives the petrified Ares, who wasn't completely turned to stone, possibly because Morgan feared the wrath of the gods. The Dark Avengers, excluding the presumed dead Sentry, then head back to New York. Venom tries apologizing to Hawkeye for going out of control but the latter swears to him that he will kill him one day. Once they leave, Doom uses his time cube to restore his castle.

As the Quinjet arrives back in New York, Ms. Marvel gets acquainted with Noh-Varr, showing him her moonstone. Meanwhile, Osborn is contacted by Victoria Hand, reporting that Clint Barton had gone to the media and told everyone that he is stocking criminals for his dirty work. Osborn asks Victoria to arrange an interview to sort this out. Then suddenly, a blinding flash of light shows the very-much alive Sentry, above his watch tower, much to the worry of his teammates.


  • Due to the appearance of a dinosaur and cavemen, it may be assumed that Doom sent Morgan to the Savage Land while sending her back 1,000,000 years B.C. because 1) Dinosaurs were extinct 65,000,000 years ago and 2) dinosaurs and humans never coexisted.
  • Clint Barton made his speech against Norman Osborn in New Avengers #51.

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