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Quote1 From this moment on, if you choose to act as a child...that is what you will be! And I will spank you like a child. But act as men, as noble men, and that is what you will be treated as. Quote2

Appearing in "Dark Reign: Part 5"

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Synopsis for "Dark Reign: Part 5"

With the original Hawkeye, Clint Barton, having gone to the media in an attempt to expose Osborn as a fraud and supervillain, Osborn has agreed to a studio interview to refute the allegations. After briefly composing himself, Osborn masterfully handles the interview, presenting himself as a humble civil servant, explaining away his actions as the Green Goblin as the result of an inborn chemical inbalance that he has since been treated for, and claiming that many of the actions people associate with the Goblin were done by copycats who assumed the Green Goblin identity after Osborn had been treated. Rather than attack Barton, Osborn points out Barton's own criminal past and makes it appear as if he only wishes to help Barton, whom he believes is suffering from the failures of the old Avengers teams.

Six hours before the interview, the Sentry has suddenly appeared in the skies above New York City after being destroyed by Morgan Le Fay. Osborn attempts to speak with the Sentry, who is clearly confused and distressed, as their tense Avengers teammates look on. Osborn manages to talk Sentry down, reminding him that there is no Void and snapping him out of his confusion by reminding him of his wife Lindy.

An hour later, the other Avengers are relaxing in the common room as deputy director Victoria Hand comes to deliver their medications. A distraught Venom tries to tell her that Bullseye threatened to kill him after Venom was enchanted into attacking him by Morgan Le Fay. The two begin to quarrel before the fight is broken up by Ares. Ares gives them a speech, warning that if they continue to act as children he will discipline them as children. After slapping Bullseye and telling him to take this chance to be the man he's always dreamed of being, Bullseye stands down and takes his medication.

Two hours later, Ares heads home to his apartment in the Bronx. He looks for his son Alexander, who isn't home, and is angered to discover several truancy notices from Alexander's school. Back at Avengers Tower, Moonstone approaches Noh-Varr in the hallway and invites him into her room. The two sleep with each other and she casually mentions that she wishes to watch Osborn's interview to see how he'll sell the fact that his Avengers team is a group of psychotic criminals and murderers. Noh-Varr, who had been unaware of his teammates' criminal past, is shocked. Just as Moonstone turns on the program however, it is interrupted by a news flash.

A cell of Atlantean terrorists have just launched an attack on Los Angeles. With his interview interrupted, Osborn watches the news flash on the monitors and calls Victoria Hand, telling her to prepare the Avengers.


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