Quote1 Oh Norman...Norman, Norman...Stop kidding yourself. I'm here. I'm always here. Quote2
-- Voice inside Norman's head

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After an attack by a rogue group of Atlanteans, Norman calls together a meeting of The Cabal at Avengers Tower. Osborn determines that this attack was an act of terrorism and demands Namor take publicly denounce them before leading a black ops team to exterminate all but one, to which Namor tells him why should he. Osborn angrily shouts that he told him took. Namor snarls that he doesn't take orders from him and his point-of-view of things: the Atlanteans are attacking in retaliation against the surface world for bringing their planet closer to destruction. The Earth is a planet they share, which the Atlanteans allow them to share. The fact that he hasn't used a tidal wave to wipe out the States is because he has patience and character. Osborn leaves the room, telling him he should reconsider; Loki smiles at this.

Next morning, the Dark Avengers except Ares, Ms. Marvel and the gang are sitting down to breakfast. Osborn then comes in, demanding to know where Noh and the Sentry are. The latter turns up, ready for the mission Osborn will give him. Victoria Hand pulls Osborn aside, asking him to not go to Los Angeles. She points out that he hasn't slept since his rise to power. Already, he is losing his minutes and many different individuals are waiting for that to just happen. She offers her help, as she did in his agenda. Thus, Osborn asks the Sentry's Void persona to kill all of the Atlantean terrorist cell except for one. Once the Sentry completes his mission, the single Atlantean is thrown in a cell with Venom, who gobbles him up. Norman starts to go off his hinges though because no one knows where Noh-Varr is. He is also contacted by the President to handle the mutant situation in San Francisco. Norman goes to the armory and falls to his knees, trying to remind himself that he's in control, not the Goblin. However, the Green Goblin persona in him concurs, for he is always in his mind.


This issue is part of the Dark Reign event


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