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Dark Council
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New Lords of Midgard[1]


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Malekith the Accursed (representing Svartalfheim), Dario Agger (representing Midgard), King Ulik (representing Realm Below), King Laufey (representing Jotunheim), Sindr, Queen of Cinders (representing Muspelheim), Kurse, Enchantress, Queen of Angels (representing Heven), Sadurang

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The Dark Council is an alliance of different beings from the Ten Realms with the objective to spread conflict for their personal gain.

Their first act of war was the massacre of the Light Elves of Alfheim, an event Malekith expected would surely bring the attention of Thor. Because of this, they tasked one person that was seeking admittance in the council, Loki, with carrying out the murder of the Goddess of Thunder.[2]

After the fall of Alfheim, Enchantress traveled to Midgard and enthralled the Hulk by offering him the position of King of the Ten Realms, then enraging him by forcing him to relive the deaths of Philip and Helen Cho.[3] While under her sway, Hulk robbed an outpost in Iceland where the Dwarves of Nidavellir were secretly storing Uru for fear of their realm falling to the Dark Council's army. Thor arrived and confronted Amadeus over his assisting Amora; however, Hulk did not remember what had happened, though with the help of his sister, Maddy, he convinced the Goddess of Thunder to allow him to try to make amends. Ultimately tracking the stolen Uru to Eyjafjallajökull, the trio discovered that the Dark Elves had indeed been forging weapons in preparation of the invasion of Asgard. This time the Hulk resisted Amora's enchantment, allowing him to defeat the Dark Elves, and after being tased by Maddy, the Enchantress cursed the Cho clan as she fled. The Uru was returned to the Dwarves and Thor departed.[4]

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